March 2018

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Hello everyone.

The Board has had some inquiries regarding the pool being opened for Spring break.

We decided to open the pool for the week of March 12th and close it again on March 19th. The pool will remain closed until April 28th. The decision was made for a couple of reasons. One is obviously the weather. We experienced a very atypical winter for Austin. The water tests at 52*. Our other reason is the pool maintenance contract is still operating under a winter schedule until late April, which means it only gets serviced one time a week. If the weather warms up we will gladly adjust the schedule.

The pool operating hours are 0530 until 10:00 pm. The pool is no longer closed for cleaning on Wednesday mornings.

Beck Management and the Board reviewed the pool badge ledger and deactivated all duplicate key cards. We deleted the earliest (date) issued. Also, if your H.O.A. account is in delinquency your pool card will not function.

This year we have yet another lap lane rope. This lane rope was designed by our pool chair, Casey, and a professional from the YMCA. Children must remain off of the rope. The lifeguards will warn them one time, the second warning comes with 15 minutes out-of-pool penalty. The lap lane is for lap swimming only. We ask that you respect this rule and please teach the kiddos to do so. The next alternative is adult only swim times…and we know the community is vocally against this concept.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding irresponsible people not picking up after their dogs. We will have four doggie waste stations installed on SRP to try to help with problem. The real problem is trying to change people’s behavior…and that takes all of us. Just as awful are our own homeowners walking their dogs through the kiddie play area and allowing them to tinkle where the children play .Go figure..

The Board and Beck Management have been experiencing an unusual increase in the amount of complaints regarding the appearance of some of the homes in our neighborhood. The Board has asked Nicole to drive slower and bring a second person, if necessary, on her violation drives. This has increased the amount of homeowners receiving violation letters. Here is a link to the CRRs for your review: Nicole sends out a picture with each violation to help you fix the problem.



Community Update

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January 25,2018

Aquatica 360/Lifeguards for Hire, will remain our pool maintenance company and lifeguard company for the 2018 pool season..

Aquatica uses a  computer to help them manage the water quality and chemical balance.The pool remains opened on Wednesday mornings because it no longer needs to be “shocked” with chlorine.

Pool hours for the 2018 season will be from 0530 to 10:00 p.m.

The pool had another resurfacing done during the off season. We ask all homeowners to please respect the cost of maintaining the pool. If you see disruptive behaviour or any vandalism being done we ask you to please contact the Board immediately. Vandalism can include throwing food or paper products into the pool, which stops up the filters.

We also ask that you teach the kiddos how to respect the pool, especially the new lap lane rope. Just a reminder:the lap lane is always off limits to playing, whether someone is swimming laps or not.

We have added two giant tic-tac-toe games for some family fun. The “pieces” can be checked out by the lifeguards

 We are trying to  resolve non-residents walking in behind residents at the pool. This is a legal liability for all of us. We also had a situation with a group of nonresident males videoing a group of kids at the pool.Your key card will be disabled for opening the gate for someone besides your family. Please share this with the children.

A reminder that there are four monitored security cameras at the pool. One focuses on the mailboxes, one on the gate and two on the pools.

The 2018 Annual Homeowner’s Meeting has been scheduled for April 12, 2018, at the Wells Branch Community Center. Sign in starts at 5:45 pm and the meeting starts sharply at 6:00 pm. Speakers will be announced at a later time. There will be one Board position open for election and no amendments to be voted on. Refreshments will be served.

The Board is ALWAYS open for suggestions from

Beck and Company Real Estate Services is our management. Nicole Fousek is our manager and can be reached at 512-474-1551,option 6, or at