Neighborhood Pool Party!

June 1, 2024 by  

School is out and it’s time to celebrate the summer!
Come on down to the pool at 13219 Winwick Way on Saturday June 8th from noon till 1:30pm to swim, meet your neighbors and enjoy some nachos. Seating is limited so bring some camping chairs if you have some.

Community-Wide Garage Sale

April 10, 2024 by  

It’s garage sale time! We have coordinated a community-wide garage sale day on Saturday April 27th from 8am to 1pm. Scofield Farms and Scofield Ridge Condos are joining in!

If you are interested in having a garage sale at your home that day, please email and we’ll add your address to the map. We will be advertising on social media and all garage sale websites as well as placing signs in the median down Scofield Ridge Parkway and Metric Blvd for shoppers to see.

Scofield Ridge Easter Egg Hunt

March 24, 2024 by  

Hop on down to the cul-de-sac at the end of Creole Drive for our Annual Scofield Ridge Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday March 30th at 10am SHARP! We will have plenty of eggs for the kids to find and the Easter Bunny may make an appearance so have your cameras ready! Parking is limited.

Neighborhood Pool Closed

December 16, 2023 by  

The neighborhood pool will close December 15th and will remain closed until the 2024 pool season.

Scofield Movie Night

November 11, 2023 by  

Bring your chairs and blankets and join us on Friday November 17th at 7pm at the neighborhood pool parking lot, 13219 Winwick Way, for our neighborhood outdoor movie night! We will be showing Disney Pixar’s Elemental, rated PG. Popcorn and drinks will be provided!

National Night Out Party

September 23, 2023 by  

Join us on Tuesday October 3rd from 6 – 8pm at the neighborhood pool, 13219 Winwick Way, to celebrate National Night Out. We will have pizza, music, a bounce house, giveaways and FUN! We have asked for a firetruck and police car to visit our event for the kiddos. This is a family-friend party for the whole neighborhood.

A big THANK YOU to our sponsors:

  1. Bell Dental
  2. Bogle Family Vineyards
  3. Platinum Realty
  4. DJ Motivate
  5. R&R Events
  6. Dominos

Community Update

August 26, 2023 by  


A community update has been a long time coming. A lot has changed in the last few years. COVID, snowpocalypse, ice storm, dry summers, etc. The HOA has been lenient of enforcement during these times with an understanding of each situation at hand. However, these hot dry summers are not rare for Austin. We are aware of the recent move to Stage 2 water restrictions, but watering is still allowed morning and night one day a week as it has been for years. As the trees in our neighborhood have matured, more yards are now shaded and not getting as much sun. We can no longer focus on just getting through this summer expecting next summer will be different. This is what we should expect every summer and we all need to make accommodations for our weather reality.

As the Board is taking steps to revitalize our neighborhood common areas, we also ask for homeowner effort to restore the beauty of our neighborhood including yards, trees and bushes. If you have received a violation for your yard, do not ignore it. Please understand we are asking for an open communication with your remediation plan, even if the plan may be implemented in a few months. If you plan to change your landscaping you must submit an ACC Application prior to making the change. The ACC welcomes xeriscape plans and water-conscious designs. Xeriscape guidelines are outlined in the ACC application.

Board Update: At the annual meeting in May, Amanda Young was elected to the board of directors, joining Peter Carbone and Saul Cruz. Amanda was a previous board member from years ago and we welcome back her knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, Saul recently moved out of our neighborhood. After meeting with several interested homeowners, the Board appointed Kellen Segura to fill the remainder of Saul’s term. Kellen has lived in the neighborhood for 7 years and is excited to contribute in making this a great community to live in.

Management Update: We have switched over to a new manager at Pioneer Beck. Amanda Davis will take over management of our community. She has managed HOA properties for over 10 years and we are excited to have her expertise. You may reach her at or

Committee Update: We have added 3 new members to the ACC committee and also have new volunteers for the social committee.

With events now being planned for the near future, and community landscape improvements already being done, we have a lot of exciting things to look forward to. Keep an eye out for those upcoming event announcements.


Board of Directors

Board Update

June 4, 2020 by  

It is with much sadness that we report Chrissy Rasche is stepping down as the Ridge at Scofield Farms HOA Board President in July. Chrissy made a tremendous contribution to the community as a Board President, a board member and a resident of our community. Her departure from the community and the Board will have a definite impact.

During Chrissy’s tenure, the HOA made several infrastructure improvements, including the playground and pool areas. She was the primary administrator of the day to day operations ensuring the HOA affairs ran smoothly. Chrissy worked tirelessly for our community by bearing the brunt of the work that the Board did while keeping a sharp eye on expense reductions. The community was lucky to have her as a member and Board President. We will miss her deeply.

As a reminder, the Board is comprised of all volunteers. With this vacancy on the board, the Board would like to announce new Board members appointed by the Board to fill these vacancies. They will serve until the Annual Meeting and will be on the ballot for election. By enhancing the number of Board members, we feel we are making the Board stronger and gaining perspectives from a wider age group making us a more diverse Board.

We would like for you to meet Peter Carbone, Frank Irwin, and Gil Glastetter, our new members.

Any questions should be directed to:

 Be well,

Your HOA Board

Community Update

August 10, 2018 by  

The Scofield Ridge Board is monitoring the Covid-19 situation.

We know that many of you are anxious for the pool and playground to reopen. The Board is receiving the same mixed messages as everyone else: Governor Abbott suggests reopening with 25% capacity while Travis County continues stay-at-home orders. The 25% capacity limitation imposes compliance requirements which need additional resources to execute.

The Board would like to make all of our homeowners aware of the fact that HOA Liability Insurance expressly excludes incidents for infectious diseases and pandemics. There is NO insurance coverage for us to purchase for this situation.

Opening the pool could put all of our HOA assets and Reserves at substantial risk. One lawsuit would be detrimental to the Association and has to be considered with all homeowners in mind.

With this being said Scofield Ridge will continue to keep the pool and playground closed until it is physically and fiscally safe to reopen. We will monitor legislative events at the local and federal level for pandemic liability exoneration and will then consider the option to open the pool.


Community Update

July 1, 2017 by  

January 25,2018

Aquatica 360/Lifeguards for Hire, will remain our pool maintenance company and lifeguard company for the 2018 pool season..

Aquatica uses a  computer to help them manage the water quality and chemical balance.The pool remains opened on Wednesday mornings because it no longer needs to be “shocked” with chlorine.

Pool hours for the 2018 season will be from 0530 to 10:00 p.m.

The pool had another resurfacing done during the off season. We ask all homeowners to please respect the cost of maintaining the pool. If you see disruptive behaviour or any vandalism being done we ask you to please contact the Board immediately. Vandalism can include throwing food or paper products into the pool, which stops up the filters.

We also ask that you teach the kiddos how to respect the pool, especially the new lap lane rope. Just a reminder:the lap lane is always off limits to playing, whether someone is swimming laps or not.

We have added two giant tic-tac-toe games for some family fun. The “pieces” can be checked out by the lifeguards

 We are trying to  resolve non-residents walking in behind residents at the pool. This is a legal liability for all of us. We also had a situation with a group of nonresident males videoing a group of kids at the pool.Your key card will be disabled for opening the gate for someone besides your family. Please share this with the children.

A reminder that there are four monitored security cameras at the pool. One focuses on the mailboxes, one on the gate and two on the pools.

The 2018 Annual Homeowner’s Meeting has been scheduled for April 12, 2018, at the Wells Branch Community Center. Sign in starts at 5:45 pm and the meeting starts sharply at 6:00 pm. Speakers will be announced at a later time. There will be one Board position open for election and no amendments to be voted on. Refreshments will be served.

The Board is ALWAYS open for suggestions from

Beck and Company Real Estate Services is our management. Nicole Fousek is our manager and can be reached at 512-474-1551,option 6, or at