September Update

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September 2016


The Board would like to introduce Dawn Ames, our new Community Manager with Associa.

Dawn’s contact info: direct line – (512) 347- 2862  email- Dawn has a background in law enforcement and is in her ninth year of large-scale property management.

A reminder that the swimming pool closes for the season on October 30th. The Board would like to thank everyone for the way you have stepped up to take care of the pool area. WAY TO GO NEIGHBORS.

Please join us at the pool area on October 4th, 6:00 to 8:00 pm, for National Night Out. There will be activities for the kiddos and adults. Come meet Mike Howard and learn more about the neighborhood watch program. We signed up for a police car, fire truck, and EMT vehicle to excite the kiddos and a bouncy house for them to burn off some of their energy.

Thanks for being such a great neighborhood.

Steven, Martin, and Chrissy

Neighborhood Update August 2016

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The Community is getting security cameras installed at the pool area.
The Board came to this decision based on our concern for the safety of our residents and for liability issues.
There has been an unusual amount of vandalism at the pool this summer and we are hoping the cameras will help resolve this issue.
Our other concern is the people entering the pool area who are not residents and who do not have a liability waiver on file.
For you techies, the system we are purchasing is a Sannce, 4 channel AHD 720P DVR recorder with 1TB hard drive. There are 4 weather proof, day/night camera with 75* viewing. This system allows for remote access, also.
Since there are 4 cameras in the system, we are planning to have one of the cameras monitor the mailboxes that are at the pool area, the ones that have been broken into several times.
The cost of the unit is $618, including the install.
Your fellow pool-goers continue to ask for good manners: please pick up all your trash, keep food under the covered area, and please do not open the gate for anyone without a pool card or allow anyone to tail- gate in.
Mike Howard is working very hard on forming a working safety team that includes all of us. Mike will have a table at Nat’l Night Out, Oct. 4th, and will have sign- up sheets and lots of information to share.
We hope everyone will come join us at NNO in October. We plan on activities for the children along with a fire truck and police car and possibly an EMS unit.
There will be hand- outs and goodie bags. The gathering will be at the pool area from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.
This is YOUR community. Come out and show your support for keeping it safe.
I have been working with a host of people from the COA to get a pedestrian crossing light at the corner of Winwick Way and SRP. The final verdict came in today: “ We have developed eligibility criteria to help us identify those locations with the most significant pedestrian crossing issues and to help us optimize our limited resources and funding for PHBs. Following these criteria, we do not consider installing PHBs on two-lane roadways. We have a new option called a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon or RRFB that we consider for locations such as this one. An RRFB is pedestrian activated and has a pair of asymmetrically flashing LED lights. The RRFB does not present a stop or red light to traffic, what is does do is give drivers advanced notice that a pedestrian is waiting to cross. his location has been added to the RRFB request list.”

Some of you have asked when the pool will close for the season.The last day the pool will be open is Oct.30th
Thank you so much for all your cooperation and for being great neighbors.
Chrissy, Steven, Martin

2016 Yard of the Month Winners

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May Winner:
13415 Will Rogers
June Winner
2016 Creole Drive
July Winner
13513 Lamplight Ave