Community Update

May 21, 2017 by  

Thank you to all the homeowners who came out for the Annual Meeting.
We filled the meeting hall at Wells Branch Community Center.
The Board members for 2017-2018 remained the same: Chrissy Rasché, Pres., Steven Williams, V.P./Treasurer, Martin Dinstuhl, Sec. /Legislature Liaison
The neighborhood enjoyed the informative talk by Council Member Leslie Pool and after business was taken care of the Board opened the floor for a town hall meeting.
Some of the concerns of the homeowners were: deed restrictions not being enforced,
mail box security, the need for a crossing light at Winwick Way and SRP, the need for trees or bushes from Metric/SRP down to the Howard Lane intersection, repainting the lettering on the monument signs, and one homeowner would like a club house built.
The Board has acted on some of these concerns:
Michael Gaudini, assistant to Leslie Pool, and Louisa Brinsmeade with COA have both been contacted regarding the need for the crossing light and a street light at the corner of SRP/Range Horse, where the mailboxes have been broken into.
We also contacted Michael Sullivan, Inspector, with USPS to ask for his help with a street light at this mailbox cluster.
We are obtained bids on having the letting on the monument signs repainted and this should be done in the next couple of weeks..
We have met some problems with planting along Metric because of a large volume of utility lines within those easements. We will continue to work on this.
A letter will be mailed out to all homeowners and renters with a short summary of the
CCRs and deed restrictions.
The Board would like to encourage any homeowner to email us any of your, and we would like to give you a standing invitation to the Board meetings on the 4th Thursday of the month, 6:30 pm, at the Associa Round Rock office.